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After Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, accepted the role of the Mockingjay, the symbol of rebellion against the autocratic Capitol, she and the rebels of District 13 poise an all-out war against them; however, this time Katniss has a personal agenda: assassinating President Snow herself to gain revenge not only for Panem's sake but for her own as well.
After accepting her role as the Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen, along with her team, prepares to take their fight straight to the ruthless Capitol. While her mission is to bring President Snow down once and for all, Katniss finds that her squad dies at the hands of either Mutts, Peacekeepers or both. Once in the Capitol, Katniss discovers that there is another threat rising that could decide not only her fate but the future of all Panem.
I am not bashing the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 because I feel that it is a cynical cash grab, which it is. My issue with it does not necessarily have anything to do with how I feel about the actors. Jennifer Lawrence is a very gifted actor who can take on demanding parts.<br/><br/>My problem with the finale of this series is that it fails at the script level. It retains all the flaws of the Hunger Games series and then adds several more, resulting in a form of entertainment with a lot of sound of fury and special effects but very little underlying substance. The Hunger games series should have played itself out like a Marxist dialectic: the young hero Kantniss Everdeen discovering that she is part of an oppressed proletariat, incorporating communist teachings, and then leading a communist revolution to topple the capitalist elites and install a social utopia. This series should have been about the intellectual evolution of Everdeen into a revolutionary leader, determined to reshape the world in accordance with a communist ideology.<br/><br/>Yet the first Hunger Games, despite being OK as entertainment, lacked these characteristics. Instead, this first Hunger games played like a re-run of survivor. The second instalment was a step down from that. It regurgitated all of the predictable survivor program material, but then added that scene in the end when Everdeen realizes that the enemy is the capitalist elite. The third instalment was even worse: Katniss is not playing even second fiddle to Plutarch and President Alma Coin. She is just used for propaganda purposes. I don&#39;t know about you, but I think Jennifer Lawrence deserves much better than being put into multiple tiresome propaganda reels in order to boost the morale of the troops. After all, haven&#39;t women&#39;s rights gone a long way since the Second World War when women were sent out into the field to make the lives of male soldiers seem less miserable.<br/><br/>Then came the finale, with incorporates all the flaws of the previous programs and adds fresh ones. Once again, the makers of this series denigrate Katniss. Now she is put as head of a small uncover team going deep inside the capital in order to assassinate the villain, President Snow. Big deal! To add salt to her wounds, Katniss is expected to give up power voluntarily first to President Coin (played horribly by Julianne Moore) and then Plutarch (played by Seymour Philip Hoffman) who is really put on screen as a thoughtful elder statesman than anything else. The other major problem of the series is that it is not really about anything, except a group of young people strategizing about how to penetrate the capital and then going through the motions of dodging one special effect after the other. There is really no new material presented here and the worst part of it is that all of the trials and tribulations befalling these heroes are boring and predictable. The palace square is flooded with oil at one point, which would be exciting except we know from medieval history that spilling boiling oil over an army is one of the methods employed to protect a castle. Then come the attack of the ogres – again not that exciting, because we have seen the same material in previous Hunger game movies and even King Kong for that matter. Admittedly watching Katniss brutally murder President Coin did bring some joy, since it is good to see a terrible actor put out of commission. Yet ultimately, the finale of the Hunger Games is ineptly made, morally and intellectually bankrupt, and uninspired. I suppose it is fitting for the finale to get the lion share of the blame. I have gotten into the habit of assuming that the flaws in the first, second, and third episodes would somehow be resolved in a later episode. Then when the finale comes and fails to address these flaws, the result is a massive disappointment.
Overlong, predictable &amp; uninvolving, the fourth &amp; final instalment in The Hunger Games franchise fails to justify the filmmakers&#39; decision to split the last chapter of the then-intended trilogy into a double feature for it lacks the sense of urgency that finales usually have and apart from brief dose of action here n there, is marred by numerous empty fillers.<br/><br/>Picking up from right where the previous chapter signed off, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 continues the journey of Katniss Everdeen, the young &amp; reluctant symbol of the rebellion, as she attempts to unite all districts against one common enemy, President Snow. But her efforts to bring peace to all of Panem threatens to take away everything she holds dear.<br/><br/>Directed by Francis Lawrence, the stage for the grand finale was set in place by the last instalment but instead of jumping straight into the arena, he decides to pull the brakes before resuming again. Lawrence&#39;s direction is mediocre at best for even when the film manages to gain some momentum, it is unable to hold on to it for long as the director follows it up with an empty filler no one asked for.<br/><br/>Every moment of action is foreseeable, some even make you question the whole logic of what just transpired, and the dialogue segments in between are just tedious. Cinematography enhances the grim look of its predecessor by a great deal. Editing isn&#39;t up to the mark for the film lacks a tighter structure and at 135 minutes, it&#39;s a tad too long. The rest of the technical aspects, however, are in sync with its predecessors.<br/><br/>Coming to the performances, leading from the front is Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and even though her work isn&#39;t as good as it was in the first two chapters, she does an adequate job at it. Josh Hutcherson however ups his performance by a few notches &amp; is better than the rest of the supporting cast. Julianne Moore does well for the most part yet is in full hamming mode during the final act while Philip Seymour Hoffmann &amp; Woody Harrelson don&#39;t get enough time on screen.<br/><br/>On an overall scale, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 isn&#39;t entirely worth the one-year wait and only goes on to show that splitting the final part into two features was an unwarranted move. It isn&#39;t that Part 2 is without its moments for it has a few entertaining segments in store but it fails to offer a consistently engaging storyline &amp; is unable to deliver what a grand finale promises. Working in bits n pieces but unsatisfactory for the most part, the concluding chapter of The Hunger Games saga ends on a rather forgettable note.
If anything, this is too faithful to the book, sometimes getting bogged down in detail as Katniss struggles to her goal. But its epic sweep, grand designs and unyielding central performance make this a compelling finale.
Witnessing what tyrannical Capitol President Snow (<a href="/name/nm0000661/">Donald Sutherland</a>) has done to her partner Peeta Mellark (<a href="/name/nm1242688/">Josh Hutcherson</a>), two-time Hunger Games champion Katniss Everdeen (<a href="/name/nm2225369/">Jennifer Lawrence</a>) agrees to serve as the Mockingjay, the symbol of the Panem districts&#39; rebellion against the Capitol. As District 13 President Alma Coin (<a href="/name/nm0000194/">Julianne Moore</a>) makes plans for uniting the districts in the upcoming war, Katniss acts on her own personal agenda—that of assassinating President Snow (<a href="/name/nm0000661/">Donald Sutherland</a>). The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 is based on the second half of Mockingjay, a 2010 novel by American writer Suzanne Collins. It is the fourth and last movie in The Hunger Games series, preceded by <a href="/title/tt1392170/">The Hunger Games (2012)</a> (2012),(2013), and <a href="/title/tt1951265/">The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014)</a> (2014). The novel was adapted for the film by American screenwriters Peter Craig and Danny Strong. Katniss is reunited with Peeta but, when she tries to hug him, he suddenly attacks and tries to strangle her,. Katniss is saved only by Boggs&#39; (<a href="/name/nm0991810/">Mahershala Ali</a>) intervention. Later, it&#39;s explained to her that Peeta was &quot;hijacked&quot;—a form of fear conditioning enhanced with &quot;Tracker Jacker venom&quot;. Meanwhile, Alma Coin announces that her covert operation into the Capitol has resulted in the victors being liberated and requests that all the districts of Panem unite against their mutual oppressor. In the final scene, Katniss looks into the medical chamber where a manically-distressed Peeta is being held in restraints. Realizing that it was Coin who ordered the bombing that caused her sister Prim&#39;s (<a href="/name/nm3094377/">Willow Shields</a>) death, Katniss redirects the aim of her arrow from Snow to Coin, hitting her squarely in the heart. Snow roars in laughter. Katniss attempts to commit suicide but, as she reaches into her pocket for the Nightlock pill, Peeta knocks it out of her hand. As Katniss is taken into custody and dragged away, the angry crowd surges forward and continues Snow&#39;s execution for her. Standing on the sidelines, Plutarch (<a href="/name/nm0000450/">Philip Seymour Hoffman</a>) watches and smiles. While Katniss sits alone in a room guarded by two guards, Haymitch (<a href="/name/nm0000437/">Woody Harrelson</a>) enters and reads to her a letter from Plutarch to, expressing his approval of all she did and assuring her that the leaders of the Districts are already planning to vote in a new President, who will most probably be Commander Paylor (<a href="/name/nm2694974/">Patina Miller</a>), who will eventually pardon her. Katniss takes the train back to her home in District 12&#39;s Victors Village to lay low until the dissension quiets. The winter passes slowly as Katniss mourns the loss of Prim. One day in the spring, she returns from hunting to find Peeta planting primroses in her garden. When the summer rains come, Peeta is still there. One night, as they lay in bed cuddling, Peeta asks, You love me. Real or not real? Katniss replies, &quot;Real.&quot; In the final scenes, several years later, Katniss and Peeta are still together, Peeta playing with their son while Katniss holds her newborn, who awakens and begins to fuss. Katniss tells the baby that she has nightmares, too, but that she deals with them by playing a game in which she remembers all the good things that people did. It gets tedious, she admits, &quot;but there are worse games to play.&quot;
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